What to know about your Tarot reading with me

1) You don’t need to have a specific topic in mind

You don’t need to have a specific question for your reading. In fact, it’s best to keep the topic of the reading open ended so whatever you NEED to know will come through. This way, we surrender to the unlimited possibilities through which the Universe can provide solutions, guidance and knowledge.

2) Know your intention

It’s good for you to set an intention of what you want from the reading. Even if you don’t have a specific topic in mind, you can set a general intention of what you want to achieve from the reading. Be careful to not confuse intention and expectation. Intention provides a focus and direction for the messages coming through. Expectation is when you hope for a specific outcome. Intention is a choice your spirit makes while expectation is a limited and illusionary projection of your ego.

For example: “My intention is to get clarity on my situation” vs “I expect to know what step to take next”. With an intention, you allow the universe to provide the highest and best possible outcome to your desire which will empower you to make your own decision. With an expectation, you limit the options available to you by allowing an external outcome to define your personal power.

3) Be open minded

The Universe has a way of responding to your queries no matter what. If you are genuinely seeking from your heart, with the intention to do good, the universe will always respond to you. Be open to solutions or perspectives that are outside your purview.

4) Empower yourself

The tarot is not a substitute for your decision making, but it’s a guide. Take the guidance from your reading to weigh your heart’s intuition and logical mind to make your decision. The goal for your reading is to empower yourself to make your own decision. The Universe will support your choice and provide guidance when asked, but won’t make decisions for you. You have FREE WILL to make your own decisions.

5) The future is unknown

No one knows the future. I know this is ironic to hear from a Tarot reader, but the future is constantly changing. The power to influence change is entirely in your hands. What the cards “predict” is based on present energies. Know that you can change your future at any second by shifting your present focus and perspective. It is your present thoughts and actions that define your future, regardless of what has occurred in your past.

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