Desires have purpose

There’s a general misconception in the spiritual community that desires are “bad”. That being free of desires is the way to liberation. This is further emphasized by the fact that when we embark on spiritual journey, we are thwarted even more by our desires. All this is true – however, it’s important to understand that we can’t eliminate our desires by pretending they don’t exist. When we resist our desires, they persist even more.

The key to transcending desires is fulfilling them. As we follow our desires, we learn karmic lessons which empower us to transcend ego-desire. More so, our spiritual desires are embedded within our soul to fulfill the purpose of our incarnation. If we don’t fulfill our desires, we will be reborn to fulfill them again and again.

Our desires provide purpose, not only to us, but to humanity as well. Imagine if MLK didn’t desire to end segregation. Imagine if Jesus didn’t desire to heal others. Imagine if Vivekananda didn’t desire to spread spiritual knowledge. Imagine if scientists and doctors don’t desire to end cancer. What would be the point of living if we don’t desire anything?

When we accept and embrace our heart’s desires, we open ourselves up to guidance, knowledge, and motivation to complete our purpose. The passage above reminds us that desires are also divine. If ascension, liberation or self-realization is truly our one and only desire, then our actions will lead us to fulfill that desire. This not only empowers us, but the world around us as well.

You matter.

Your desire and actions matter.

Your life is a beautiful gift.

You are worthy and capable of fulfilling all of your heart’s desires.

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