Desires have purpose

There’s a general misconception in the spiritual community that desires are “bad”. That being free of desires is the way to liberation. This is further emphasized by the fact that when we embark on spiritual journey, we are thwarted even more by our desires. All this is true – however, it’s important to understand thatContinue reading “Desires have purpose”

Daydream your way to happiness

You are beyond your body, mind, thoughts or experiences. Within you is a connection to the realm of infinite magic, abundance, and bliss. You can access this realm by allowing yourself to daydream. Daydreaming is a reminder of your identity and power as the Divine Creator. Creation is constant in the mind. Everything to existContinue reading “Daydream your way to happiness”

Surrender and Allow

If there is desire in your heart, Then it is meant to be fulfilled. Nothing happens by chance. If you are created with desire, Then there is purpose to it. Take action to fulfill your heart’s desire, And remember, Allowing is also action. When in doubt, Surrender to the Universe. What your heart wants isContinue reading “Surrender and Allow”

We are all sacred

We are all sacred beings in a human body. We’re all meant to go to the same destination. Some call it heaven, some call it realization, but ultimately it’s home. Everyone is sent to you for a reason. Whatever you see them as – friend, family, lover or enemy. They’re all showing you your uniqueContinue reading “We are all sacred”