6 effective ways to cleanse with salt

Salt is one of the most basic ingredients to have in the spiritual apothecary. It is not only an easily accessible ingredient but also a highly effective one. If you are ever in need of an energetic cleanse, just find some salt! Here are some quick, easy and highly effective cleanses with salt. 1) SweepContinue reading “6 effective ways to cleanse with salt”

Darkness is also a path forward

Darkness and Light cannot exist without each other – we can’t understand one without the other. We often try to avoid the darkness or find something to blame when we are in a dark place. However, there comes a time on the soul’s journey where there is no other choice but to willingly enter darkness. Continue reading “Darkness is also a path forward”

6 ways to cleanse your space without herbs or crystals

If you are an empath or a sensitive soul, you may be absorbing or feeling energies around you without realizing it. The lower energies can disrupt your mental balance and which may lead to irrational thoughts, mood swings, or depression. If you constantly feel low, fearful, or hopeless, it’s time to energetically cleanse your space.Continue reading “6 ways to cleanse your space without herbs or crystals”

Surrender and Allow

If there is desire in your heart, Then it is meant to be fulfilled. Nothing happens by chance. If you are created with desire, Then there is purpose to it. Take action to fulfill your heart’s desire, And remember, Allowing is also action. When in doubt, Surrender to the Universe. What your heart wants isContinue reading “Surrender and Allow”

Quick ritual for releasing negative energy

It is the time of the year to introspect, retrospect and make resolutions. I always find this time of the year to be daunting because I get so stuck about the past and what hasn’t gone right. I feel this way the rest of the year too, but a lot more is brought to theContinue reading “Quick ritual for releasing negative energy”