6 ways to cleanse your space without herbs or crystals

If you are an empath or a sensitive soul, you may be absorbing or feeling energies around you without realizing it. The lower energies can disrupt your mental balance and which may lead to irrational thoughts, mood swings, or depression. If you constantly feel low, fearful, or hopeless, it’s time to energetically cleanse your space. This may include your home or your office, or any other place where you spend a lot of time.

Cleansing your space will help you maintain positivity and peace in your mental body. Below are some quick and easy ways to cleanse your space without having to take a trip to the crystal store. As always, before you begin any energetic rituals, call on your Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides to protect and assist you.

DISCLAIMER: There are lots of factors that affect mental health. The information provided above does not invalidate or substitute medical advice. If you are experiencing mental health issues, please consult a doctor or licensed therapist.

1) Fresh Air

Let’s start with the simple, easy and obvious. Fresh oxygenated air is not only rejuvenating for your physical body but also releases stuck and toxic energy from your physical space. The easiest way to refresh and recharge your environment is to open your windows and allow fresh air to move through your space. Do this as often as possible.

2) Salt

Salt is one of the simplest and most effective way to remove negativity from your space. Sprinkle salt on the floor, leave it for 10 minutes and sweep or vacuum the salt. When you have cleaned up the salt, throw it out of your house immediately. Don’t let it linger inside your home, even if it’s in the garbage. Remove it from your home entirely.

3) Clean up

Low energy entities are attracted to spaces that are messy, chaotic or disorganized. If your space is constantly cluttered or unclean, you could attract entities that feed of this energy. The presence of these low energy beings in your space for long periods of time can often leave you feeling lethargic or depressed with no apparent reason.

One way to repel these entities is keep your space clean and de-cluttered. Wash your dishes, do your laundry, make your bed, clean your desk, vacuum, etc. Some people find cleaning to be therapeutic for this very reason – cleaning your space helps to bring positive energy into your space and mind.

4) Reorganize

Along the lines of the previous step, but this involves moving your furniture or objects even if they are clean. Energy can linger around certain spaces and disrupt the flow of positive energy. If you experience constant mood swings or generally feel that you aren’t able to move on in life – there could be lots of “stuck” energy in your space. The easiest way to release this energy is to physically move objects.

The idea is to physically disrupt the energy that is stuck – whatever you can move AND as often as possible. You can physically reorient things, like move a lamp to another side of your room or re-orient your desk. Or you can rearrange things like removing books from your shelf and putting them back in a different order. If you cannot physically move an object, use the salt technique above to cleanse energy around these areas.

TIP: You can also look up Vastu or Feng Shui tips to reorganize your furniture and maintain a steady positive flow. Depending of the orientation of your space, you may need to re-organize your furniture or take corrective measures to ensure there is a long term stability in your energy flow.

5) Light

Low entities are also attracted to dark and dank environments. This is why some people can sometimes have an irrational fear of darkness – they can either sense entities or have had past life trauma associated with darkness. Light is essential for the human body to function. People who don’t get enough sunlight can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Open your blinds and curtains and allow your space to be bathed in light. Sunlight is best, but if you live in a space where you get little sunlight, a sunlight lamp will help. The next best solution is to have more lamps, lights or candles in your space (please exercise safety first!).

6) Visualizations

This technique is harder that the rest because it requires will power, intuition and belief. What is helpful about this technique is that it doesn’t require any physical movement unlike the rest. It takes time to master this technique but once you do, you can use it at anytime and any place.

Visualize the space you would like to cleanse. For beginners, it helps to sit in the space you want to cleanse. Imagine a glowing white light in front of you. Imagine this light getting bigger and brighter until it envelopes the whole room or area you are trying to cleanse. If there are any negative energies, you will mentally feel a resistance from the light – you won’t be able to visualize the expansion. If this is the case, give the light time to cleanse.

You will also intuitively sense if any items need to be discarded, or whether any particular people or thoughts are contributed to negative energy in your space. Listen to to your intuitive nudges and take whatever action is required to keep your space positive and clean.

Have you tried any of these techniques before? Let me know in the comments if any of these techniques have helped you cleanse your space!

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