Daydream your way to happiness

You are beyond your body, mind, thoughts or experiences. Within you is a connection to the realm of infinite magic, abundance, and bliss. You can access this realm by allowing yourself to daydream.

Daydreaming is a reminder of your identity and power as the Divine Creator. Creation is constant in the mind. Everything to exist was once a thought. Thinking is an act of creation.

Creation is constant even if we are not consciously aware of what we are creating.

Empower yourself and take charge of your own creation and reality. Tell your mind to be quite and daydream with your heart. Let your inner magic run wild. Make time to actively create beauty, harmony, and joy in your mind.

Here a simple exercise for daydreaming

1) Pick a situation in your life that you would like to change.

This can be anything. Maybe you want to look different, want a better job, or a happy relationship, etc.

2) Imagine how this situation would look if it was perfect.

Don’t spare any details and don’t hold back! Even if what you are dreaming is “unrealistic” – it can still exist in your mind. Picture exactly how this situation would look if it was perfect.

3) FEEL this in your reality

Feel this situation in your bones. This is a test of how badly you want what you are asking for – can you see it? Smell it? Taste it? Touch it? Hear it?

When you create a scenario in your mind, you are creating the possibility for it to exist in your reality.

Everything you create becomes your reality. What you are create when you daydream is POSSIBILITY. The more you dream of a certain scenario, the more it becomes possible for that scenario to exist. The more you see ways of making that scenario real in your waking life. When you can feel an alternate reality with all your being, you will meet that reality in your physical world.

It is the feeling you manifest in your reality, not the vision itself

When we are filled with negative thoughts, we only see negatives in situations around us. When we take charge of our thoughts and create positivity and happiness – we see this reflected outside of us. Your mind is a program – it reacts as it’s trained. Daydreaming positivity, success, joy, abundance and love will train your mind to see those scenarios in your waking life.

Daydreaming is a form of empowerment. When you take charge of your thoughts, you take charge of your reality, and therefore, your life. You attract what you feel into your life even if the vision tied to that feeling may look different from what you expected.

Your mind doesn’t control you, YOU control your mind. Create what truly represent your unique, glorious and magical self. Dream of all possibilities where you are the hero of your own story. Visualize a carefree life where you are surrounded by the fulfillment of all your desires.

Allow yourself to dream boldly – there are no limits!

“Daydream, imagine, and reflect. It’s the source of infinite creativity”

-Deepak Chopra

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