We try to control our lives so it’s always happy and comfortable. When we are thrown into circumstances where life isn’t picture perfect we try to find blame or an escape. What we resist, persists – this is a fundamental law of the Universe. We can’t get ahead without learning our lessons. Our problems areContinue reading “Acceptance”

A mantra for peace

We tend to feel helpless when we watch others struggle and not know how to help. It’s easy to get lost in overthinking or finding reason in situations that are far beyond our control or understanding. There may be karmic reasons beyond our perspective that are driving the manifestation of certain situations. It’s not our placeContinue reading “A mantra for peace”

6 ways to cleanse your space without herbs or crystals

If you are an empath or a sensitive soul, you may be absorbing or feeling energies around you without realizing it. The lower energies can disrupt your mental balance and which may lead to irrational thoughts, mood swings, or depression. If you constantly feel low, fearful, or hopeless, it’s time to energetically cleanse your space.Continue reading “6 ways to cleanse your space without herbs or crystals”

We are all sacred

We are all sacred beings in a human body. We’re all meant to go to the same destination. Some call it heaven, some call it realization, but ultimately it’s home. Everyone is sent to you for a reason. Whatever you see them as – friend, family, lover or enemy. They’re all showing you your uniqueContinue reading “We are all sacred”

Quick ritual for releasing negative energy

It is the time of the year to introspect, retrospect and make resolutions. I always find this time of the year to be daunting because I get so stuck about the past and what hasn’t gone right. I feel this way the rest of the year too, but a lot more is brought to theContinue reading “Quick ritual for releasing negative energy”