We try to control our lives so it’s always happy and comfortable. When we are thrown into circumstances where life isn’t picture perfect we try to find blame or an escape.

What we resist, persists – this is a fundamental law of the Universe. We can’t get ahead without learning our lessons. Our problems are all blessings in disguise – they are opportunities for growth. If we try to run away or make them go away without understanding the lesson, they will keep coming back in one form or another.

The blessing is always revealed through acceptance. Our acceptance allows the Universe to do what it does best – bring about miraculous changes. Acceptance is also an empowering way to live – wouldn’t you rather bravely enter the battle knowing that you have the skills to be successful rather than cowardly run away from it?

If the Universe is blessing you with a problem – Acceptance is the first step towards conquering it. As our sacred soul brother Rumi reminds us – the moment of acceptance opens the door of possibilities, success, and happiness.

It is safe to accept the problem in front of you. You were chosen to go through this because you are worthy of more love and wisdom. You are given this challenge because you have the strength, skill and courage to succeed.

By accepting your circumstances, you are choosing love over fear.

Be bold, beloved.

You can do this.

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