Darkness is also a path forward

Darkness and Light cannot exist without each other – we can’t understand one without the other. We often try to avoid the darkness or find something to blame when we are in a dark place. However, there comes a time on the soul’s journey where there is no other choice but to willingly enter darkness. 

In the darkness, we learn to rely on our own Light. Once we connect with our own Light, no amount of darkness can ever harm us again. We won’t be affected by the cycles or dark and light in our lives, because our inner Light infalliably shows us the way and truth. The only way out of the darkness is through it. We must enter the darkness not just willingly, but consciously and courageously, trusting in the Divine. 

When we are in the darkness, the way forward comes through surrender. Surrender doesn’t mean defeat – it means acceptance of the lessons that are shown to us. When we accept what has occurred and our part in it, we learn to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness helps us release the resentment, guilt, sadness and anger we’ve been carrying and empowers us to move forward.

The darkness is simply an opportunity to release what we’re holding on to. It’s our time to introspect and empower ourselves. It’s a blessing to shine our Light brighter than ever. If you find yourself in the darkness, ask yourself what you are resisting. Accept all the emotions you are feeling. Forgive yourself and others. 


I accept, I forgive, I release. 

I draw my power back from people and situations where I have consciously or unconsciously given it away.



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