Darkness is also a path forward

Darkness and Light cannot exist without each other – we can’t understand one without the other. We often try to avoid the darkness or find something to blame when we are in a dark place. However, there comes a time on the soul’s journey where there is no other choice but to willingly enter darkness. Continue reading “Darkness is also a path forward”

Desires have purpose

There’s a general misconception in the spiritual community that desires are “bad”. That being free of desires is the way to liberation. This is further emphasized by the fact that when we embark on spiritual journey, we are thwarted even more by our desires. All this is true – however, it’s important to understand thatContinue reading “Desires have purpose”

Just keep going

I first saw this quote at the end of the movie Jojo Rabbit (one of my favorites!). I keep a few quotes handy whenever I need a pick me up, and this is one that I often come back to. It’s such a sweet and gentle reminder that all is transient whether it’s good orContinue reading “Just keep going”