6 effective ways to cleanse with salt

Salt is one of the most basic ingredients to have in the spiritual apothecary. It is not only an easily accessible ingredient but also a highly effective one. If you are ever in need of an energetic cleanse, just find some salt!

Here are some quick, easy and highly effective cleanses with salt.

1) Sweep with salt

Sprinkle some salt on the floor in every room. Depending on the room, you can either sprinkle it across the floor or in small spots around the room so you can clean it up more easily. I highly encourage you to do this before you move in to a new home, but this is also a good habit for energetic upkeep.

Allow the salt to sit for at least 20 minutes before sweeping or vacuuming the salt. This is very effective in cleansing the negative energy and entities around the house. If you are a highly sensitive person (or if someone in your family is), it is important to remove negative energies from your space. Otherwise, negative energy can latch on to you and make you feel tired, depressed and anxious.

2) Salt Baths

Salt baths are a mandatory self-care ritual. You can use table salt, but there are many fancy salts with essential oils and bath bombs if you want to feel more luxurious. Sprinkle at least a half cup of salt in a warm bath and soak for at least 10 minutes. Salt and water are highly effective for cleansing your aura.

If you are sensitive and prone to depression, this is a therapeutic habit. This will help remove energies that contribute to negative and obsessive thought patterns. This is not the only solution for depression, but will remove energies that contribute to depressive thought patterns. If you’re in a depressive rut, this will minimize the effect of negative energies around you.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

3) Foot Soak

If you don’t have time for a full bath but need an immediate cleanse, soak your feet in salt water. There are pressure points in your feet that connect with major parts of your body, so this is a quick way to cleanse the energy that runs through the body without soaking the whole body.

Use a disposable tray or have a bucket or wide container on hand that you can use for this specific purpose. You can also fill your bathtub just enough to soak your feet. Depending on the size of your container, a tablespoon (or so) of salt should do.

4) Cleanse your produce

Fruits and veggies have their own energetic frequency and aura. Between the time they travel from a farm to your home, they spend a lot of time interacting with other energies. Even when they’re sitting in a super market they can absorb other people’s energies through touch and proximity.

Obviously, this may not be preferable for all types of produce, but it’s a good practice for most produce. In addition to cleansing negative energies, salt is also a good anti-bacterial. You can fill up your sink or a big vessel with salt water and let your produce soak for ten minutes. Wash the produce completely with clean water before storing or using them.

5) Cleanse your aura

Take a handful of salt and close your hands into a fist. Extend your arm and run your closed fist three times in a clockwise direction from your head to your feet. Repeat three times in a counterclockwise direction. You will notice a significant change in your energy and moods when you do this everyday. I recommend you do it once in the morning before you leave the house and again at the end of your day before going to bed.

You may find it easier to do this with a partner – depending on your strength and flexibility it may not be possible to run your hands through your whole aura. As long as you can reach the top of your head and bottom of your feet, you should be good.

TIP: Rock salt may be preferable since it’s easier to handle and dispose.

6) Salt Lamp

Last but not least, a salt lamp is the easiest way to go. It’s great to have one in every room, but at the very least have one in the room that you spend most time in. Or place it in a room where you meditate.

This one’s easy-peasy. Turn the lamp on let it do it’s thing. This is not as effective since the salt doesn’t directly touch your aura, but this is good for cleansing your space. Leave the lamp on for at least twenty minutes, or ideally longer. I like to turn my salt lamp on when I leave the house for a few hours so my space is being cleansed when I’m away.

I hope you enjoy these tips! If you’ve tried any of these techniques, drop a comment and let me know what works best for you.

NOTE: Except for the salt lamp – when you’re done cleansing with salt, don’t let the used salt linger. Flush it down a drain immediately or if you throw it in the trash, get rid of the trash soon after. Don’t let the salt linger in your home for too long.

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